Pinwheels Will be Popping Up All Over!

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, and pinwheels are popping up all over!

Gardens of bright blue pinwheels are being “planted” in numerous locations around Cumberland County in honor of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. The pinwheel serves as a reminder of a happy, safe and carefree childhood, one that every child deserves. Adopted by Prevent Child Abuse America, more than a million pinwheels have been displayed nationwide since April 2008 when the campaign began. Locally, the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is coordinating with area schools, organizations, businesses and agencies to sponsor the “gardens” and pinwheels will be on display in many locations around the county. This is the 12th year that the CAC has coordinated the campaign in Cumberland County, and each year the numbers have grown.

Pinwheels for Prevention started as a grassroots campaign from Prevent Child Abuse America. Prevent Child Abuse (PCA) is an organization that was founded in Chicago in 1972. Their mission is “to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children”. PCA chapters in Georgia, Florida, and Ohio were the very first to embrace the pinwheel idea.  In 2008, this campaign spread nationwide through many chapters of PCA across the nation. The pinwheels are planted during the month of April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The purpose of planting the pinwheels is to raise awareness and to change the public’s belief and behavior about child abuse and neglect. Shining in the sun, the blue pinwheels represent the bright and happy future that every child deserves.

The Child Advocacy Center will be planting a Pinwheel Garden on April 1, in honor of the 959 children that were referred to the center in fiscal year 2020-21. The pinwheels will remain on display throughout the month of April.

As another reminder of Child Abuse Prevention Month, volunteers from the Child Advocacy Center will decorate several of the black flowerpots downtown with giant, bright blue bows during the last week of April. Look for them throughout the downtown area as you are strolling through to restaurants, shopping or just taking in the sights of downtown.

In addition to our Pinwheels, the Child Advocacy will be hosting ‘Story-Time ‘Monday’ each week of April. Parents and children can visit our website at or, on our social media outlets on, Facebook or Instagram and listen to the body safety books. The books being featured are:

  • Kisses for Dolce
  • I can Play it Safe
  • Some Secrets should Never Be Kept
  • Lets Talk about Body Boundaries

Some of the readings will have a Spanish version as well as a sign language version.

Looking for an activity to do with your children? WE have created a month-long Family Activities Calendar. Each day will have a different activity for you and your child (ren) to do together. You can find the link to the daily, activities on our website. Each day on our Social Media accounts you will find the daily activity to do for that day. We are on Facebook and Instagram.

Pinwheel Garden kits and more pinwheel gear are still available visit the following link to order yours today.

As you see the pinwheels spinning in the sun this April, be reminded that the pinwheels represent the bright future for our children and our community. We want all children to live in stable, loving and stimulating environments – at home, at school and in the community.

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Faith Boehmer

Child Advocacy Center

Prevention & Volunteer Coordinator

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